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Looking to paint your Home or Office? We now offer Painting services in Islamabad. No job is too small or big for us. Our painting service is provided through partners who are skilled, and professional. 

Home Painting Services
painting services

Wall Painters in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Painter services for house paint and interior decoration

Wanted to colour Home or Office? We are offer Painting services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Murree. Our Professional and partners do their Job hard work and dedication. Our qualified professionals can paint new buildings, offices and maintain them(whitewash)

Home Painting Services

Home Painting Services

House Painting Services That Make Your House Feel Like a Home!

One of the fastest, most effective ways to personalize your living space is with colour. Bright, muted, cheerful, elegant—whatever your mood, personality, or preference might be, there’s a paint colour to match! 

If the home is where the heart is, then you want your home to look great. It all starts with a fantastic exterior. Our team of painters has experience painting brick, stucco, vinyl siding, doors, and virtually anything else you can think of. Put a new coat of paint onto your exterior and not only will you give your home great curb appeal, you’ll also have added protection against the elements.

Whether you want a new look for your kitchen, a more vibrant master bedroom, or your daughter has decided that bright pink is not the color she wants in her bedroom, our team of house painters can change your home’s look in one day. We’ll tape everything off and take measures to protect your furniture and flooring. It doesn’t matter whether you need a single room painted, or your entire house – we can get the job done in one day.


Looking to make your business look great again? Hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings, condominiums, and conference rooms all need to be painted on occasion. Perhaps you want to brighten your storefront and attract new customers. Or maybe your interior needs some work to give your clients a more relaxed, professional atmosphere.

At Modern Engineering Services, we adapt to your unique scheduling needs in order to minimize all disruptions. We’ll coordinate you and find a painting time that works. Whether you need us there during the night, on weekends, or some other off hours, we will make ourselves available to get your painting job done.

Depending on your business, we may need to bring along some special equipment to ensure your exterior gets painted properly. That won’t be a problem – our experienced commercial painters are trained in the latest and greatest painting equipment and techniques. We also have experience painting almost every type of commercial property you can think of, including performing painting services for Home Owners Associations.

Home Painting Services

Our Expert House Painting Contractors Rawalpindi

When you chooseModern Engineering Services Painting residential house painting contractors, you can feel confident that you are hiring the best in the business. Local Five Star painters have been serving clients throughout Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Murree. From taking the time to prepare the area to use exactly the right equipment for each job, we make sure the project is done correctly. Our experience shows: We’re good at what we do, and our clients are always happy with the work we leave behind!

Home Painting Services
Home Painting Services

Modern Engineering Services is a professional property improvement and maintenance company in Islamabad & Rawalpindi that offers its services to both residential and commercial clients in Bahria Town and Ghori Town Islamabad


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